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Meet the photographer . . . 

A little over eight years ago, I picked up my first camera not knowing I would someday own a successful small business that I now call B Photography & Designs,. It has been a long, interesting, but fun journey to get where I am today, to build the customer relationships that I have built. Without my customers and the support from my family and friends, none of this would have been possible and it has all totally been worth it.

My name is BreAnn Fields, I am a 27 years old, a dreamer, a believer, lover of everything agriculture (especially cattle & hogs), wide open spaces, anything boho or western, and lots of color (teal is my favorite, obviously). In September 2018, I made the decision to make my passion for this industry, my FULL TIME job. I get to wake up every morning and do what I love. Now, I am at your service 24/7 to fulfill your wants and needs whether it be with photography, videography, graphic design, or marketing.

When I am not out at a photoshoot, recording video footage, creating a graphic design, or marketing other businesses, you can catch me enjoying my three corgis, spending time with my boyfriend on our little farm we call The Corgi Ranch, spending time with my large family and friends, or traveling around to events in an old turquoise horse trailer that I created into a boutique.

Advice I could give anyone wanting to start their own business venture - DO IT! Whose stopping you? NO ONE. There will be times where you think you will fail, or question yourself. But get back up, and DON'T STOP! Not everything you do will be perfect, you just need to make the best of every situation. With every negative, comes a positive. I did it, and so can you!

If you are wanting to become apart of the BPD  family contact me today! I love to talk and gain customers that turn into lifelong friends! I hope to capture your life through my lens soon!


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