If there is one thing that I am grateful for every single day it would be my family. I could not imagine my life without them. My family is unique, CRAZY, close as close can get, and EXTRA LARGE... When I say my family is large I MEAN IT.

God gave me the greatest gift on Earth... being apart of THAT FAMILY. You know the family that everyone wishes to have. The family that gets on each others LAST nerves, where being 'lady like' doesn't even exist (no but really...ask my Great Grandmother what she thinks about being lady like). In my family, gatherings aren't just on Christmas, Easter and Thanksgiving... its literally every week. I'd rather spend an evening drinking wine with my Great-Grandmother instead of going out to a bar. Call me old or no fun, but being with family is the best kind of fun because at the end of the day the only thing you have IS FAMILY whether they be blood related or not. My family large to the point where my 4th and 5th cousins are considered 'close'. We feed an army around the holidays... it gets quite interesting when you are fighting and butting in front of someone just to get in line for food so your favorite Aunt Sandy's Mac & Cheese doesn't disappear before you even get there.

For 12 years of my life I had my GREAT GREAT Grandmother in my life (oh yeah, I said GREAT TWICE). She was my bestest friend and now is my guardian angel <3 Not very many people can say that they even get to meet their Great Grandmother, let alone their GREAT GREAT. I have had the chance to have amazing great grandmothers and great grandfathers with me, some still here some not that have taught me the right way to treat people, the right way to live, what true love looks like and I will forever be grateful for the millions of stories they have told me through the years.   

To top all of it off, my family has never really left the area SO I can drive about 20 minutes to see whoever I want, whenever I want. So closeness in my family isn't just emotionally close, but physically close as well. 

Overall, I am blessed beyond belief to have THAT FAMILY, whether they be blood related, humans or fur babies (two are pictured above...i have more). Everyone please remember, whether you have a family large or small, at the end of the day they will be the ones there for you and they will be the only ones you have. If you haven't yet today... text, call, email, mail a letter to your family telling them that YOU LOVE THEM. Life is too short to not spent an excess amount of time with the ones you love.

FYI: Group messages with your family are THE BEST... the conversations are endless and quite interesting... SO START ONE!

Luke 12:34

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