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Finally - Fair Season!

It is FAIR SEASON! All year long we work for this - the constant weighing feed and steers just to make sure they make weight, getting up early in the morning to rinse before the scorching heat rises and going to bed late at night so the steers get let out when the sun goes down and it cools off. There has been blood, sweat, tears, and lets admit it… cus words.

Our “main” goal is that those late nights pay off, that we go home with the purple banner. But what the real goal is, is to spend that entire week with some of the truest friends you’ll ever have, the people that understand your lifestyle, the ones that have the same love and passion for this industry just as you do… the memories made during fair season are ones that will last a lifetime, memories that you will go back and tell your own kids someday.

What people do not know is we may look forward to fair season so we can be with those friends, eat a ton of fair food, and get back into the ring with our steers one last time but that Thursday or Friday evening, is an evening we dread all week… sale night. We’ve spent hours in the barn with those 1,300 free spirits. They’ve become a part of our daily routine, and lets be real… we even vented to them.

Now, on this night we are officially taking our last walk into the ring with our steer, or hog, or lamb, or goat. Now, the tears wont be because we are irritated or mad, the tears will be because even though we knew what the outcome would be, it is still hard to end a road that you have worked so hard going down for the past year.

Recently, I have heard so many uneducated people protesting; read articles that bashed the ag industry, and assumptions made that our animals don’t live a good life.

Did or do any of them (animal activists) know what I stated above about how hard it is for us to send our livestock to the meat locker? But, it is the circle of life and that is something you learn at a young age and no, as we get older it doesn’t get easier.

Do any of these animal activists know that our animals have better hair care products than we do, that their feed costs more than what we probably spend on groceries a month for ourselves and our family?

Do they know what the ag industry can teach a person? Do they know what hard work, dedication, and getting up at the ass crack of dawn means? Probably not, but do we go out and protest about them? Absolutely not. Why? Because we are too busy making sure our animals live the best life possible.

To all exhibitors, volunteers, supporters, friends and family - Do not let the negativity from the general public bring you down; you know what this industry has given you and stand proud to be apart of the best programs around! What those animal activists are doing, is showing their jealously… they see how successful you are, they see that you all have a strong head on your shoulders. Keep getting up at the ass crack of dawn and making sure your livestock live the best life possible. And, keep educating the general public and make those negative assumptions disappear.

To exhibitors and volunteers - GOOD LUCK at those county and state fairs! Your hard work is about to pay off! Remember to be kind, respect others, and thank everyone who helped get you there, whether you are actually exhibiting or just there to watch. Whether you come home with a purple banner or not, congratulate one another and always be there to teach and guide others who are curious and want to learn.

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