Maryland Hereford Royalty

"In the past people were born royalty... now, royalty comes from what you do"

When someone thinks of royalty they think of crown, sash, getting 1st class everything everywhere you go but in reality being royalty is so much more than that. I have never considered myself 'royalty', I always thought of myself as someone being a role model for others. From when I was little I always looked up to those girls with the big crowns on their head as a role model and I someday wanted to be EXACTLY like them. Therefore, that is where my journey with the Maryland Hereford Association started.

I have always been very involved with the Maryland Hereford Association from the very first day I started showing Herefords (because every calf needs a white face). It was about a year into showing Herefords and being apart of the Hereford Association that I was asked to be a Maryland Junior Hereford Princess. From then on it was passing out ribbons and being in backdrop photos at shows which then lead me into becoming the Maryland Hereford Princess and now the Maryland Hereford Queen. WHAT A JOURNEY IT HAS BEEN!

Through my journey as Hereford Royalty I have been able to attend many events that I consider once in a lifetime. I have attended 4 Hereford Junior Nationals, in Louisville KY, Denver CO, Harrisburg PA, and Madison WI where I was faced with many opportunities to meet other Hereford breeders from all over the United States and help promote the breed that got me started in the cattle industry. This past year when I attended Junior Nationals in Madison, WI I was able to go as the Maryland Hereford Queen which was one thing I will NEVER forget. It was a blast to get to meet all of the other state queens and spend a whole week with them by helping lead classes in, hand out ribbons, be in backdrop photos and most importantly be a role model for the state Hereford princesses that look up to us just like I looked up to the other Hereford Queens when I was their age. But I never knew how important being Maryland Hereford Queen was until last night when I was invited to attend the 2017 Taste of Maryland Agriculture Event to represent the Hereford Breed and Agriculture Industry. I had NO IDEA what to expect when I arrived there and boy was I SHOCKED to see the amount of agriculture 'big wigs' there and how large and important this event really was. I met many people, including Governor Larry Hogan, that have been and continue to be a large part of Maryland Agriculture. During this event I was able to carry a county flag during the ceremony and be introduced on stage along with other Maryland Agriculture Royalty. One thing I will never forget is that the speaker described us royalty as "the current and future leaders of agriculture, the most important part of this industry". 

Being Maryland Hereford Queen has been an AMAZING opportunity and even though I am going to be sad when I have to hand my title over to the next Maryland Hereford Queen in May, I will walk away with so many memories and be satisfied knowing that I have touched many peoples lives during this amazing journey.

I cannot thank my family, friends, and boyfriend enough for the support over the years and the Maryland Hereford Association for allowing me to represent them! The Hereford breed has done SO much for me over the years and I will continue to give back for as long as I can. 


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