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I remember getting that photo to the left taken on my very first day of Kindergarten... those days when I only had to worry about if I was going to like the lunch at school that day, but now the photo to the right was taken today, my very last day of school EVER where all my worries include, how am I going to make it on my own...

I hate admitting this or having my family tell this story to literally everyone... I cried EVERYDAY when getting dropped off at elementary school (you can ask my Aunt Sandy for the story). I was one that HATED school, I HATED leaving my mom (yes, I was a serious Mommas girl). As I got older those crying before school days disappeared BUT I still HATE school. How do I get through school without ripping my hair out because I hate it so much? I think about how much positive having a degree is going to be on my life, making my family proud, and accomplishing a goal that I never thought I would reach. 

I changed my career goals numerous times, from elementary school when I wanted to be a Veterinarian, then a Marine Biologist (I was obsessed with dolphins), in middle school, high school and the beginning of college I wanted to be a preschool teacher then a business major and now I am a Communication & Digital Media major at the University of Maryland. I completed high school with a completer in Child Development and I have my 9 and 90 Hour Maryland Childcare Certifications and when I started college at Frederick Community College I was majoring in Early Childhood Education. When I went to take my Praxis to receive my AA in Early Childhood Education and failed by TWO points, I then knew that I did not pass this for a reason, God was telling me that teaching was not the route I needed to take. God needed me in another career field. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE KIDS, and enjoy spending time with the little ones in my family but I know now that I could NEVER sit in a classroom with the same students every day. It takes a special person to be a teacher and I just was not fit for one. To all of my teacher friends out there YOU ROCK! I then switched my major to Business Management... what was I thinking?! I HATE MATH and the accounting classes KILLED MY BRAIN! So, this was the point in my college career that I felt like quitting and just going to find a full time job until one day The Universities at Shady Grove had a stand set up in the lobby and a huge sign that said "Attention Comm Majors". I literally had no idea what a Comm Major was, but after doing research on it, this sounded like me. The whole marketing and photography side to the Comm Major was where my hidden passion laid. So after FINALLY graduating from Frederick Community College with my Associates Degree in General Studies (how simple was that lol), it was time to figure out where I was going to end out my undergraduate career at.  Do I go away to school or do I stay local? That was the real question. Ever since I was a freshman in high school, I had a dream to attend The University of Maryland, I mean I was born and raised in Maryland why not go to their state college too? I knew that getting into that school was almost impossible for me just because of the financial side of it. BUT have no fear, months later my dream came true... I became a MARYLAND TERP and I could "afford" to get my education through the University of Maryland. But how? This GREAT school called The Universities of Shady Grove located in Rockville, Maryland caught my eye that one day in the lobby at FCC and lookie there they offered a satellite version of UMD at their campus which was so much less than traveling to college park to the main campus and one of the majors was Communication! FINALLY finding a major that I knew I would enjoy was such a huge relief.

And now today, I started my LAST semester of my undergrad studies at the University of Maryland... only 114 days until graduation (not like I am keeping track or anything). There has been many times during this journey that I thought about quitting, giving up and just working but every thing you pursue in life has its good and bad days, you just have to fight through it and keep telling yourself it will all pay off in the end. I may have this semester left to go before I can officially say that I AM DONE but the fact that I got to this point is something to be proud of. My childhood dreams of being a Maryland Terp came true (even though my boyfriend says Maryland is gay haha). 

There have been many times when I had no idea what I wanted to do with my major, or what could I do with a Communication major and yes there are still times when I wish I would have gone away to a school out west to major in Agriculture Communication but God kept me in Maryland for a reason and let me tell you... I can do pretty much ANYTHING with my major. This morning one of my professors told myself and my class that "The working world needs all of you Comm Majors, the world needs you to tell them what's going on in plain english"... I mean we are Communication majors... our specialty is speaking English.

Overall, I know for a fact I could not have gotten where I am today without my amazingly supportive family, my loving boyfriend, and caring friends. From a chapter I read in one of my books for school today (YAY HOMEWORK), "If you know your peers are going to push you in some direction, choose good peers, and position yourself so they push you in the right direction". 

In the next couple of months I will obviously be finishing up my undergrad BUT also applying for the Agriculture Communication Graduate Program through Kansas State University. My time as being in a classroom style setting for school may be over in the next 3 months but I WILL NOT stop my education until I get to where I am satisfied and for those of you who know me know if there is something out there that involves agriculture, I am jumping right on it.

So, to the other high school and college students out there YOU CAN DO IT. It may be rough RIGHT NOW but days, months or years down the road you will be SO proud that you DID IT. Don't let any bump in the road stop you from chasing your dreams and accomplishing your goals. Be a role model for the younger generation and most importantly for your siblings and future children. 

FYI; That piece of paper you will get when you walk across that stage in your cap and gown will be the most expensive piece of paper you ever own... GUARD THAT WITH YOUR LIFE AND HANG IT ON YOUR WALL PROUDLY!

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