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On a "Personal Note"

This new “technology era” has changed the way many communicate with each other whether it is in person or not. How often does someone get a handwritten letter and do many people know the importance and significance of a handwritten letter?

The reason I am blogging about this is because not often do I get a handwritten personable letter sent to my work but today I received one from the American Cancer Society, which by the way made my entire day. For those of you who know me know that myself, my family and very close friends have gotten hit hard by cancer this past year and in years past, so getting a thoughtful letter from an organization that has helped my family and friends in many ways meant so much to me and on top of that it was completely hand written and signed by the specific person that wrote it.

Throughout my 10 years of being a 4-H member there is one thing I learned that I will never forget and that is HANDWRITTEN LETTERS ARE IMPORTANT! For 10 years I hand wrote 50 buyers letters for the Beef, Sheep and Swine Sale at the Frederick Fair and my thank you letters. Supporters of 4-H youth will tell you that they enjoy handwritten letters over typed letters just because they know that the 4-Her took time to write it. Even if you do not fully write the letter, at least take time to sign your name at the bottom and write a short little sentence saying “Thank you for your support”. Those things go a long way!

Below are 6 reasons why handwritten notes are the way to go:

1. They are more personable, they mean a lot to the people you send them to.

I still remember handwritten notes that I have from friends and family members from years ago. I guess you can say I’m a hoarder of them but they’re so meaningful and can be treasured for years because some words are worth reading over and over again especially if that is the only thing you have left of that special person.

2. It shows your importance and passion about why you wrote that letter.

Taking time to send a thoughtful note shows you how much that person means to you and/or how much passion you have about the topic you are writing about.

3. It is classy and professional, believe it or not.

Even though typed does look more professional at times, having a handwritten letter can set yourself apart either as a friend, family member or a colleague.

4. It is a tradition

Lets face it, without our ancestors we wouldn’t know what writing was. They recognized the importance of writing letters and so should we.

5. It is a chance to show off or improve your writing skills.

I remember back in elementary school we would have to practice writing cursive over and over again, they drilled into our heads that we would use cursive handwriting FOREVER… I have not used cursive handwriting like I was taught in elementary school EVER. Even if you type a letter up, YOU BETTER SIGN IT AT THE END!!!! That is where the cursive handwriting comes into play (even if it looks like a scribbled line, it is unique). I have never been a great writer but I have always tried (one reason why I started a blog), so writing letters have taught me a lot whether they’re personal or for work I have seen a huge improvement in my writing!

6. It is easier than you think.

Well-written cards can be some of the least expensive and most meaningful gifts you could ever give. The only thing I ever ask from my boyfriend for Valentines Day and my birthday is a card with a note in it… those mean for me to then actual presents! Do not worry about whether the writing makes sense, just write away… it is the thought that counts!

SO… what can you get from all of this? I know in this day in age writing a letter at work is not professional and not seen often but at least put your signature at the end of the letter. Everything you do…. Add your final touch to it ;)

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